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Modern, Themed and Customized

We design using a 3 part customization process. Choose:
- Your theme of visual. 
- Your brand colors for your logo

- How much you want to show your logo


Abyssal Visuals was founded with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, modern, and affordable DJ visuals. My passion for music and it's visualization has driven me from the beginning, and continues to drive me into the future, representing each new genre as it comes, as well as the most established ones. I know how emotional performing in front of a crowd is, and I believe your music and your fans deserve the most immersive experience possible. I wish I could deliver visuals for even cheaper, but these prices cover my time, expenses, and is a worthy investment that you can use again and again. 

The visuals I create will be in the exact style of the preview video attached to each style. My process involves animating your logo in a list of variations, composited on top of your chosen theme spanning 10 minutes. Each theme includes around 140 unique pieces of imagery. 10 minutes is the perfect length to prevent your visuals from becoming stale to a crowd, and keeping the content suited to your vibe. This 10 minute clip is then looped for the duration of 1 hour 5 minutes, ideal for most performances. The visual look sharp, clean, modern and bursting with life. If you would like the clip of unique imagery to last longer than 10 minutes, or the loop longer than 1 hour, this can be easily arranged by contacting me. 

You are always welcome to contact me on my Instagram or my email with any queries, where I will respond within 36 hours. Each visual takes 1-3 days to complete, and if you honestly aren't satisfied, then I will refund your money in full.



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